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past dates:      
01/08/10 birmingham, al bottletree eric bachmann
01/02/10 charlotte, nc the evening muse eric bachmann
12/26/09 atlanta, ga the earl eric bachmann
12/05/09 austin, tx central presbyterian church vic chesnutt
12/04/09 denton, tx hailey's vic chesnutt
12/02/09 tucson, az club congress vic chesnutt, golden boots
12/01/09 los angeles, ca echoplex vic chesnutt, warpaint
11/30/09 san francisco, ca great american music hall vic chesnutt, warpaint
11/28/09 portland, or mississippi studios vic chesnutt
11/27/09 seattle, wa crocodile cafe vic chesnutt
11/26/09 vancouver, bc the red room vic chesnutt
11/25/09 victoria, bc lucky bar vic chesnutt
11/23/09 calgary, ab knox united church vic chesnutt
11/22/09 edmonton, ab mcdougall united church vic chesnutt
11/21/09 saskatoon, sk amigos vic chesnutt
11/20/09 winnipeg, mb west end cultural centre vic chesnutt
11/19/09 minneapolis, mn cedar cultural center vic chesnutt
11/05/09 montpelier, vt langdon street cafe anais mitchell
11/04/09 portland, me space
11/01/09 burlington, vt north end studio  
10/30/09 northampton, ma iron horse kris delmhorst
10/29/09 boston, ma cafe 939 kris delmhorst
10/28/09 new york, ny cake shop  
10/27/09 brooklyn, ny music hall of williamsburg vic chesnutt, clare and the reasons
10/26/09 new york, ny bowery ballroom vic chesnutt, clare and the reasons
10/25/09 arlington, va iota  
10/24/09 philadelphia, pa m room  
10/23/09 brooklyn, ny the sycamore  
10/21/09 new haven, ct cafe nine  
09/25/09 opelika, al eighth and rail  
09/12/09 austin, tx space 12 will johnson
09/11/09 denton, tx dan’s silverleaf will johnson
09/10/09 dallas, tx double wide will johnson
08/27/09 birmingham, al bottletree  
08/01/09 tao yuan city, tw music terminals festival  
06/29/09 atlanta, ga the earl the wooden birds, other lives
06/27/09 athens, ga athfest  
06/26/09 athens, ga nuçi’s space the modern skirts, circulatory system
06/01/09 birmingham, al bottletree the helio sequence
05/31/09 atlanta, ga the earl the helio sequence
05/30/09 charlotte, nc charlotte femmefest  
05/29/09 spartanburg, sc the showroom anais mitchell, the bowmans
05/28/09 asheville, nc the grey eagle anais mitchell, the bowmans
05/27/09 atlanta, ga eddie's attic anais mitchell, the bowmans
05/03/09 kilkenny, irl kilkenny rhythm & roots festival  
05/02/09 kilkenny, irl kilkenny rhythm & roots festival  
02/27/09 macon, ga the hummingbird abby owens
02/07/09 athens, ga 40 watt vic chesnutt, elf power
02/05/09 columbia, sc art bar vic chesnutt, elf power
02/04/09 asheville, nc the grey eagle vic chesnutt, elf power
01/29/09 glasgow, uk celtic connections james grant
01/23/09 athens, ga flicker jeremy wheatley
01/17/09 winston salem, nc the werehouse tin cup prophette
01/16/09 charlotte, nc the evening muse tin cup prophette
01/10/09 birmingham, al bottletree  
12/20/08 athens, ga flicker ham1
12/06/08 chapel hill, nc local 506 radar bros.
12/05/08 asheville, nc the rocket  
12/04/08 charlotte, nc the evening muse bain mattox
11/25/08 athens, ga 40 watt perfect circle
09/18/08 atlanta, ga the earl hope for agoldensummer, tin cup prophette
09/12/08 athens, ga georgia theatre don chambers
06/29/08 athens, ga the melting point vic chesnutt
06/19/08 atlanta, ga the earl thao and the get down stay down
06/13/08 athens, ga flicker ham1
02/29/08 savona, italy raindogs  
02/28/08 cavoretto, italy la topia  
02/26/08 marina di massa, italy tago mago  
02/24/08 reggio emilia, italy soqquadro  
02/23/08 giussago, italy ortosonico  
02/22/08 dueville, italy teatro busnelli  
02/21/08 cuneo, italy exlavatoi  
02/20/08 aosta, italy sweet rock cafe  
tour in collaboration with Suonidautore agency.  
10/20/07 atlanta, ga the earl vic chesnutt, ham1
10/19/07 birmingham, al workplay vic chesnutt, ham1
10/18/07 athens, ga 40 watt vic chesnutt, ham1
10/13/07 nashville, tn the basement vic chesnutt, ham1
10/06/07 charlotte, nc the evening muse vic chesnutt, ham1
10/05/07 carrboro, nc the artscenter vic chesnutt, ham1
09/30/07 charlottesville, va gravity lounge vic chesnutt, ham1
09/29/07 asheville, nc the grey eagle vic chesnutt, ham1
09/22/07 knoxville, tn pilot light vic chesnutt, ham1
08/01/07 norfolk, va the boot ham1
07/31/07 new york, ny the living room ham1
07/30/07 brooklyn, ny sound fix records ham1
07/29/07 new york, ny fontana's ham1, miwa
07/28/07 baltimore, md current space ham1
07/27/07 greensboro, nc flat iron ham1
07/26/07 athens, ga caledonia lounge
team clermont summer festival
deerhunter, bottom of the hudson,
king of prussia, ham1
12/16/06 athens, ga 40 watt vic chesnutt, elf power, ham1
12/05/06 atlanta, ga drunken unicorn (lounge) jason molina, jason & herb harris
12/04/06 athens, ga flicker jason molina, phosphorescent, the selmanaires
11/15/06 atlanta, ga the earl trespassers william, summer hymns
10/03/06 atlanta, ga red light cafe smog
10/02/06 birmingham, al bottletree smog
09/12/06 athens, ga 40 watt finest worksongs
09/07/06 athens, ga 40 watt sparklehorse
08/05/06 birmingham, al bottletree will sheff (okkervil river)
07/19/06 athens, ga caledonia lounge hotel lights, jennifer o'connor
07/18/06 atlanta, ga the earl hotel lights, jennifer o'connor
06/24/06 athens, ga athfest now it's overhead, don chambers + goat...
06/09/06 atlanta, ga eddie's attic tin cup prophette
05/02/06 atlanta, ga the earl clem snide (solo acoustic)
03/11/06 athens, ga 40 watt tin cup prophette, barbez
02/19/06 st. louis, mo lemp arts hannah keefe, bo, ghost in light, theodore
02/18/06 kansas city, mo the brick the life and times, the string and return
02/17/06 denver, co hi-dive cowboy curse, (die) pilot, palisades
02/15/06 boise, id neurolux federlin
02/14/06 pendleton, or pendleton overground  
02/13/06 eugene, or wow hall irving, yeltsin, the fast computers
02/11/06 anacortes, wa the brown lantern listing ship
02/10/06 olympia, wa evergreen state college  
02/09/06 portland, or towne lounge the visible men, chris rouser
02/08/06 san francisco, ca hotel utah the hobbyists, jason broome
02/07/06 los angeles, ca tangier benji hughes, inara george
02/06/06 san diego, ca casbah rob dickinson, anya marina, channing cope
02/05/06 tucson, az plush liz durrett (two sets)
02/04/06 el paso, tx the t-lounge  
02/03/06 oklahoma city, ok the conservatory ilya, goodbye blue monday, student film
02/02/06 dallas, tx the cavern margot & the nuclear so & so's, audrey lapraik
02/01/06 hot springs, ar hot springs national park ashley milk
01/23/06 athens, ga 40 watt (turner south taping
of "music roadshow")
vic chesnutt, elf power, matthew houck
01/14/06 augusta, ga the soul bar hope for agoldensummer, tin cup prophette
01/13/06 winston salem, nc the werehouse hope for agoldensummer, tin cup prophette
01/12/06 wilmington, nc the soapbox hope for agoldensummer, tin cup prophette
01/11/06 chapel hill, nc local 506 hope for agoldensummer, tin cup prophette
12/03/05 murfreesboro, tn grand palace delicate cutters, glossary
12/02/05 birmingham, al the nick delicate cutters, teen getaway
11/04/05 atlanta, ga smith's olde bar delicate cutters
10/21/05 athens, ga morton theater (athens 441) don chambers + goat, monkeys on laptops
09/27/05 athens, ga 40 watt ham1
09/08/05 augusta, ga the soul bar the good ship
07/09/05 athens, ga 40 watt audition with max reinhardt
06/11/05 atlanta, ga the earl phosphorescent, band of horses
06/04/05 hamburg, ger knust vic chesnutt
06/03/05 berlin, ger mudd club vic chesnutt
06/01/05 frankfurt, ger mousonturm vic chesnutt
05/31/05 munich, ger ampere vic chesnutt
05/30/05 vienna, austria szene wein vic chesnutt
05/25/05 deventer, holland het burgerweeshuis vic chesnutt
05/24/05 bochum, ger bahnhof langendreer vic chesnutt
05/21/05 glasgow, uk oran mor vic chesnutt
05/20/05 oldham , uk the castle vic chesnutt
05/18/05 nottingham, uk rescue rooms vic chesnutt
05/17/05 london, uk bloomsbury theatre vic chesnutt
05/16/05 southampton, uk the brook vic chesnutt
04/27/05 athens, ga 40 watt hope for agoldensummer, telegram
03/29/05 boston, ma middle east crooked fingers
03/28/05 portland, me space
crooked fingers
03/26/05 new york, ny bowery ballroom crooked fingers
03/25/05 philadelphia, pa world cafe crooked fingers
03/24/05 washington, dc black cat crooked fingers
03/23/05 carrboro, nc cat's cradle crooked fingers
03/22/05 atlanta, ga the earl crooked fingers
03/16/05 austin, tx SXSW, pecan street ale house vic chesnutt, parker & lily...
02/10/05 athens, ga WUOG's "live in the lobby"  
12/04/04 athens, ga little kings warm records xmas party
12/02/04 athens, ga flicker jessie flavin
09/11/04 athens, ga 40 watt vic chesnutt
06/11/04 athens, ga flicker rob lomax
03/29/04 athens, ga 40 watt calexico, summer hymns
12/13/03 athens, ga 40 watt vic chesnutt